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On screen, Tembi Locke is a Hollywood actor (The Magicians, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Dumb and Dumber To, NCIS.) Off screen, however, Tembi performed a role familiar to millions – she was a primary caregiver. In this powerful talk, she shares how the gifts of love and connection were found in unexpected places.



Actor Tembi Locke’s life turned on a dime when her vibrant Italian chef-husband was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer. She spent the next ten years in the trenches as a primary caregiver. Her journey taught her that providing care for another is a sacred act and that it teaches us the breath and depth of the human experience, if we let it. Today, she is a fierce advocate for the needs of family caregivers, supporting children through a family illness, and for creating community when it matters most.

– Affirm the unique needs of family caregivers
– Learn about deep soulful living times of crisis
– Gain insight into the perspective of the person closest to patient – the wife, caregiver, sibling
– Illustrate how caregiving is made more bearable by the love and support of those who rally around
– Explore how to build a network of family and friends who can go the distance and lean on them for help with chores, medical paperwork, doctor’s visits.
– Share honesty, fears, vulnerability
– Acknowledge burnout and even resentment (Yes, caregivers have that.)
– Offer practical advice to caregivers and those around them

Tembi closes this inspiring keynote with her Retreat in A Box – A Gift to Caregivers.

When her chef husband succumb to a decade-long journey with cancer, Tembi faced a wilderness of grief. As a bereft young widow and mother, she longed for the comfort of the table her Italian born husband had always provided. In time, she would return to the lessons he had taught – connection, love, and the way good food can change lives. She turned that knowledge into the inspiring online platform, The Kitchen Widow – a modern take on the age-old kitchen table conversation. A place where the table is used to transform lives and inspire deep soulful connection.

– Explore the life-changing conversation we are all hungry to have
– Acknowledge that grief doesn’t move in a straight line
– Reclaim and Inspire the lost art of comfort in times of grief
– Learn tips to support each other through loss in a way that promotes healing and connection
– Share the wisdom learned at the side of a chef in order to chop, taste and transform the raw ingredients of loss and gratitude into something generous and sustaining
– Inspire a transformation in how we give care and how we grieve

Tembi closes this uplifting keynote with her Retreat In A Box: Inspiration for the Bereaved

As a young widow, Tembi walked through a wilderness of deep grief before she could find herself again. Losing her husband, after a decade of critical care, left her smack in the middle of a life she didn’t recognize and would never have chosen. And yet, as mother and creative artist she knew the only way forward was through. She would have to grieve hard and without a road map before she feeling the spark her spirit that would ultimately light the fire of her renewal. Widowhood changes everything.

– Acknowledge that grief is a life long journey
– Accept that it is okay to dream and live an expanded life after loss
– Ignite your deepest dreams for a life well lived
– Cultivate curiosity about first steps
– Elevate hope in times of loss
– Honor what gift have come to you through difficulty
– Explore how ritual can aid in renewal
– Brainstorm what brings you joy and
– Learn to recognize when you are getting better
– Celebrate Your Vision for the life You have yet to live

Tembi closes this empowering keynote with an inspiring jumpstart to connecting to your own resilience.

Food and gardening are among of the tenants of the grief experience. We bring food when someone dies, plant a tree to commemorate their life. However, in communities disproportionately affected by loss (due to gun violence, lack of healthcare, poor diet) we see children and families struggling to process trauma without the social emotional resources needed to heal and thrive. These same communities are also were we see food injustice.
Let’s plant the seeds of healing and renewal where it matters most. Let’s integrate the social justice movement of food stability with the human rights movement for the care of our most vulnerable communities. Let’s feed our communities hunger to heal and connection from seed to soul.

– Offer creative pathways for social awareness and cultural change in our approach to personal and community loss
– Affirm how the intersection of the arts, medicine and horticulture can strengthen our universal commitment to Human Rights and Social Justice
– Promote the grief garden as a powerful tool in the global dialogue of peace and mutual respect
– Bring together caregivers, doctors, wholistic practitioners, grief specialists, thought leaders and educators to discuss their work and share the message of whole family care during illness and grief
– Promote healing through food and connection
– Celebrate and share diverse ways people grieve

As mentioned in The New York Times. CLICK HERE

TEMBI LOCKE, takes the stage with chef Roy Choi at TO LIVE AND DINE IN LA: A LIVE MIXTAPE to talk about the intersection of food justice, the community garden, and grief. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.


Tembi Locke is proud to partner with OpUSA, co-receipient of the Nobel Peace Prize as part of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. They share a mission to help communities affected by loss. Together with her project, The Kitchen Widow, their goal is to impact lives and heal communities from seed to soul.

Tembi Locke Ted Talk

In her 2015 TEDx talk, Tembi asks us to consider the gifts we gain when we face life’s most difficult moments. She shares her experiences as a caregiver and uses the metaphor of 40 steps to encourage greater connection and love in our everyday lives.